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2018 - 2023


Co-Founder & Creative Director:
Bussines management & Strategy, Brand Identity, UX, Experience Design, Marketing.


"Adeu is a personal project that I started more than 5 years ago. As an entrepreneur, I have learned all aspects of the world of business and new ideas, and here is a summary of the construction of this brand."


My partner Maureen and I graduated in 2018 as strategic designers. We both wanted to start a business that would generate passive income over the years, challenge our creativity, and introduce us to the business world. What better way to learn about how the market works than by starting our own business?

We shared a similar aesthetic vision and a love for fine materials. We began by purchasing a 200m roll of 100% linen that was on sale. We quickly learned the importance of buying inexpensively and discovered that there was no youthful and modern national proposal that used top-quality materials.


Best Materials 

We design from the best materials. Understanding their value for their noble origin, durability and elegant look.


With what we do and how we do it. The composition of our raw materials and the talent behind each garment, make their work visible.

Slow life

We promote a slow lifestyle of self-love, care for your clothes and personal style. We know good things take time and we show that.

Art & Beauty

We design with beauty as a value. We promote art and culture as spiritual enrichment for people and society.


Today, flax is a fibre that is fashionable and recognised in the market. However, 5 years ago, in Chile it was not a fibre recognised by most people, so we were pioneers in the use of the material as a base for our designs. 

Our value proposition is based on being a brand that offers primium quality products, with sustainable practices and practical designs for everyday use.

REVISTA YA -02.jpg

Publication YA Magazine 2019

Screen Shot 2023-03-02 at 16.21.02.png

Identity wheel created in 2018


The growth of the brand has been organic and positive year on year. We started with linen clothes only, then we included accessories and later textiles, which now represent more than 30% of our annual sales. 


Our growth was founded on the principle of giving our community a prominent role. We aimed to engage with them, understand their needs, and foster customer loyalty.


The #ChicasAdeu community embodies the key elements of our strategy: Events, Gifts for important dates, Reusable Packaging & Collaborations with brands.


Reusing our 100% cotton packaging bag. 

Screen Shot 2023-03-02 at 17.06.37.png

Clients in an event in Municipalidad de Vitacura 2022.

grilla adeeeeuu-77.jpg

Collaboration with TH furniture brand.


Clients in an event in Mall CasaCostanera 2021.

Our Store in Calle Brown in Vitacura, Santiago.


The viral tag we use for our clients is more than just clothing; it represents a lifestyle, an attitude, and the joy of being yourself. From teenagers to elderly women, #ChicasAdeu is a community for sharing happiness and style ideas.


We use it to launch new products, promos, #ChicasAdeu looks and the story behind the production of the collection.



All the details that go the garment speak of our concern for detail and encourage more conscious living. 100% plastic-free packaging.

Screenshot 2023-03-03 at 10.58.14.png


It is our most direct channel to our clients. Our aim is to show garments, tyloring, photo shoots, inspiration and fashion discussion...


Worth of Mouth

92% of our customers come by word of mouth. We have a very loyal community, more than 80% of buyers come back to us in months.

subir web-25.jpg

Website launch 2019.

Website Laptop Mockup Instagram Post.jpg

Website March 2023.

Since we launched our website in 2019, we have been refining our CTAs to make it easier for customers to purchase our products online. Promotions are always highlighted in a dark color at the top of the banner to make them stand out when you enter the site.


We divide the top banner by categories, sub categories and showcase our best-selling products to capture the attention of new customers. Reviews where consumers themselves talk about the quality, fit and experience with the product are a crucial part of what aligns with our values of transparency. 


Finally, we have added a community section that invites you to visit our Instagram page and see the followers who attest to the quality of our products.

Website Laptop Mockup Instagram Post.png

54% of the annual site visits are from mobile devices, making it important to prioritize both desktop and mobile versions for optimal user experience.


For us, it is essential that the website is highly visual and the shopping experience reflects the brand identity.


Many of our customers are unable to come to the shop physically so we are constantly improving the online shopping experience.


One of our priorities is to be able to visually convey the look and use of our garments. We use photos with different styles and bodies, size guides and reviews make the online experience an easy way to get to know the products.


Meta Paid Campaign March 2023.

Screenshot 2023-03-03 at 15.22.27.png

First place in google search: "Linen Clothing Chile".

Using different channels enables us to connect with audiences at various stages of the buying cycle.


When customers are already making purchases online, it's important for our brand to persuade them to choose us over our competitors. To achieve this, we have started investing in a long-term SEO strategy. Additionally, we have explored paid campaigns through Facebook Ads since 2022, but we have not seen the expected success in terms of return on conversion. As a result, we are trying Google Ads, in addition to our conversion campaigns on Facebook.


After 5 years we have built a solid team of more than 10 people. Our main challenge today is to continue to build a brand that is not just about clothes. Through the constant construction of our brand identity, we seek to promote a lifestyle.


Good materials, timeless designs, and transparency in our work and that of all the people involved. 


Our team is working to reach more women by expanding our market throughout Chile and the world.


Isabel Cox, 63 years #ChicaAdeu

"I look good when I dress adeu. When I want to feel confident and modern I choose to wear their pieces. The quality and silhouettes are feminine and versatile".

What I've learned

As an entrepreneur, I have learned to lead a project that takes a lot of time and enthusiasm, and it is also a representation of my values as a human being. Such as sustainability, creating products that add value to people, constantly seeking improvement, and fostering teamwork. 

In order to expand and explore other areas of my interest as a designer, I have had to learn how to delegate tasks and trust my team. Training and teaching others has also been a valuable learning experience for me as a professional.

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