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I am a highly sociable person who enjoys working collaboratively in a team. I believe that positive energy is contagious, and strong human relationships are fundamental when developing a project. I love my work and am eager to explore new markets and continue growing.

My Story

I am a positive and enthusiastic strategic designer, deeply passionate about my career as an articulate force in achieving disruptive business outcomes. Over the course of my career, I've had the privilege of working in four countries (Chile, Argentina, Australia, and the UK). I apply design methodologies that unite multidisciplinary teams to address challenges and cultivate innovative solutions in diverse markets, including slow fashion, sustainability, retail, and branding for entrepreneurs.

With five years of experience collaborating with major companies, I've successfully developed products across both digital and offline channels. Moreover, I embarked on my first entrepreneurial venture at the age of 23. Through this experience, I gleaned the significance of delivering top-notch work, forging robust relationships with clients and suppliers, and continually striving for improvement.

In my upcoming role, I'm keen on engaging in design projects within the fashion or wellness industry, driven by user research and the application of design thinking methodologies. I'm excited about the prospect of joining a team where I can collaborate with diverse talents, connect with people, and craft elegant solutions that contribute to a better world.

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